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At Coastal Reporting Service, we are a full service, family owned court reporting firm that has been in business since 1968.

Are you one of those who has found that service is hard to find nowadays, much less personal service?
How many times have you made a simple phone call and on the other end of the call is an automated operator or an answering service who knows nothing of your business and who can't take down information if their life depended on it?

Well, rest assured when you call Coastal Reporting Service your call will be answered by a live person who has been employed here for 20 years or more and that the issue you're calling about will be resolved on the spot or very shortly thereafter.

We want the issue resolved as quickly and efficiently as you do so we can get on with business as well.

We offer all litigation services from court reporting and videography to process serving and providing interpreters. If we don't provide the service, we will help you find someone who does.

We are a small court reporting firm that was established in 1968 by the late Thomas C. Pletcher. Our five full-time reporters have all been with Coastal well over 20 years, some up to 30.
Our office staff is second to none.

The baton was passed down to Brian Pletcher who now runs the business just like his father did.
That's why we have had the same clients for 20 years or more, and the ones we pick up along the way stay with us because they appreciate the personal service we provide and they receive.

Pardon the cliche', but truly, "one call does it all."

We look forward to earning your trust and confidence. To learn more about our experienced team and the services we offer, please call us today at 713-224-1659.